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How To Deal With Air Ducts Mold

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Molds are elements that usually grow in moist areas with leaks or flooding. It can also grow in your HVAC system if your device lacks insulation and your ducts are sealed improperly. Aside from your evaporator coils and drain pans, molds can grow in your air ducts, too.

AC ducts bear the responsibility of transporting heated or cooled air to various areas of your home. Given the health risk that mold spores pose, it is crucial that these things be removed. To help you gain further understanding, listed below are things you can do to help eliminate and prevent air ducts mold.

Getting Rid of Mold in AC Ducts

As mentioned, molds are a potential health hazard; exposure to moldy environments can trigger an allergic response in people who are sensitive to them. These effects can range from simple reactions such as nonstop sneezing to severe ones like anaphylaxis or lung infections.

That’s why it’s best to deal with them immediately once you spot signs of their presence. These indications include smelling a musty odor from your air conditioner and noticing black dust from the vents. With that, a few things that can help get rid of them involve:

  • Turning off your AC unit before cleaning it
  • Hiring a company that offers mold removal services
  • Checking for leaks within your HVAC system

Steps To Prevent Mold in AC Ducts

Air ducts mold can be difficult to detect. But that doesn’t mean there are no ways for you to prevent them from existing or multiplying inside your HVAC system. Some of the measures you can take include:

  • Installing dehumidifiers to help control the moisture level indoors
  • Using a HEPA filter vacuum to clean the interior or the air ducts
  • Using exhaust fans or open windows when cooking or bathing
  • Making sure all vents are clear of any obstructions

Get Assistance From Our Mold Experts

Molds can grow anywhere in your home, and that includes your air ducts. They must be removed as soon as possible to prevent them from causing any damage to your home and health. For clean indoor air you’ll need to get in touch with Envirovac experts on air ducts mold. As such, contact one of our offices in Jacksonville and Gainesville, FL to schedule an appointment with our mold removal specialists.