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Humidifier or Air Purifier: Which Is Better for Allergies

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People with allergies understand the dilemma of constantly sneezing and having a stuffy nose. These allergic reactions, along with wheezing and having itchy or watery eyes, can be triggered by many things and hamper your daily activities.

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to keep them under control, like installing a humidifier or air purifier. These devices focus on improving air quality and alleviating elements that cause your allergies. To help you determine the answer to the question, “which is better for allergies, air purifier or humidifier?” listed below are more details about them.

What Is a Humidifier?

A humidifier is an electrical appliance that increases the humidity inside a room to prevent congestion and dryness. It does so by releasing water vapor to boost the amount of moisture in the air.

Using a humidifier helps with dry skin, cracked lips, nose irritation, dry throat, and sinus congestion. But although helpful, moisture levels should still be regulated as they may lead to condensation, causing the growth of molds.

What Is an Air Purifier?

On the other hand, air purifiers are electrical devices that sanitize the air in an enclosed space. They work by using filters to trap pollen, toxins, and other allergens that affect air quality. There are also different versions of air purifiers that neutralize the air by releasing negative ion particles.

Using purifiers helps relieve allergic reactions by eliminating the sources that cause them. But, it’s important to remember that whether you use a humidifier or air purifier, both are only meant to complement your allergy medications and not replace them.

Which is Better for Allergies

Although using either a humidifier or air purifier can help improve indoor air quality, both vary depending on when it’s applicable to use them. Air purifiers can be used in any season as they merely cleanse the air. However, humidifiers can only be used for a certain period, as there are seasons when humidity levels are high, like every fall, spring, and summer.

The decision to choose from either will depend on your budget, preference, or doctor’s recommendation. But the bottom line is that regardless if you use a humidifier or air purifier, both of them can help prevent your allergies from flaring up.

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