The Pros and Cons of Installing a Ducted Mini Split System for Your Ducts in Your Orange Park, FL Home

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The Pros and Cons of Installing a Ducted Mini Split System for Your Ducts in Your Orange Park, FL Home

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The dangers of Florida heat are difficult to judge based on the official numbers. Some say that it’s the humidity that gets you, while others focus strictly on the numbers. Either way, it’s widely agreed upon by experts that heat-related illnesses and deaths are undercounted in Florida. 

Homeowners who want to beat the heat will need a fully-functioning AC system on their property. However, that doesn’t mean you need to invest in central air. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of a ducted mini-split system for your Florida home. 

What Is a Ducted Mini Split System?

There is a wide variety of AC systems that may work in your home, whether you’re outfitting an apartment or an entire house. A ducted mini split system is one of them that is commonly found in multi-unit buildings. 

How it works is that there is both an outdoor and an indoor unit that works together to cool your home. The outdoor unit expels hot air outside of your home, while the indoor unit cools the air being circulated. 

The ductless version of this system works much like a window AC unit in that it only works for one room. However, a ducted system utilizes ducts in your home much like central air does. 

One of the biggest differences between a central AC and a mini-split system is that the mini-split system is typically more compact and localized. It also allows for more control over different zones in your home. 

Pros of a Ducted Mini Split System

There are many benefits to investing in a ducted mini-split system as opposed to the alternatives. It’s energy-efficient, quiet, and doesn’t require new ductwork. You can also rely on it for good air quality as well as a flexible installation process. 

Energy Efficient

The main benefit of a mini-split system is that they’re very energy efficient. Homeowners can heat or cool specific areas of their home as needed, unlike central air which only works on the full house. 

What this means is that your system won’t need to use up as much power to get the job done. If you spend most of your time in one or two rooms, you only need to cool those areas. This can lead to substantial savings on your utility bills. 

Quiet Operation

When compared with a central air system, a mini-split system is much quieter. Since it doesn’t have to push as much air around, it tends to make less noise. This is beneficial if you like to keep a quiet home environment or have a smaller home. 

One reason they make less noise is that they’re often smaller than central air units. Mini-split systems are also rarely used to supply cool air to large areas, which means they don’t have to work as hard. 

No Ductwork Modification Required

While ductless mini-split systems provide air without ducts, ducted ones do require them to function. The good thing is that your new AC unit can make use of your older ductwork. It doesn’t need any specific modifications. 

However, you’ll still want AC companies to take a look at your ductwork in advance. There may be problems like leaks that need repairs. It also helps if you clean out any common allergens in your air ducts. 

Better Air Quality

Modern ducted mini-split systems have multi-stage filtration features that can reduce how much dust, bacteria, and other airborne particulates get circulated throughout your home. As such, they’re less likely to make you sick or cause allergens to accumulate in your ductwork.

Flexible Installation

These systems allow for a flexible installation, even for homes that lack existing ductwork. In most cases, they are placed in a ceiling void to easily connect to preexisting ductwork. 

If there is no suitable attic space to place it, you can have the system installed on a wall in a garage or utility room. Alternatively, you can install them on the floor in a room like a basement. 

Cons of a Ducted Mini Split System

A ducted mini-split system is not without its caveats, though. You have to take into account how it’ll look in your home, the limited heating capacity, and the fact that it takes a professional to install. 

On top of that, it’ll still require regular maintenance like swapping out your air filter or checking for air conditioner leaking issues. 

Aesthetic Considerations

If your home lacks traditional ductwork, then your AC company will need to install their own. A lack of an attic space may mean that your ductwork will be visible in each room. This may be seen as visually unappealing to some homeowners, as normal ductwork is unseen aside from their air vents. 

Limited Heating Capacity

A mini-split system is typically not as powerful as a traditional AC unit. That means it may struggle to keep your home sufficiently heated during the Winter. 

However, that means it should provide more than enough heating and cooling in more mild climates. You’ll want to look for “AC repair near me” to get their recommendation.  

Requires Professional Installation

Like most other air conditioner units, you’ll need professional installation by a qualified technician. This may involve installing new ductwork if your home does not already have it. They’ll also need the assess the best space for your indoor and outdoor units. 

At the same time, you can ask them for an “AC repair free estimate” to get an idea of how much repairs and maintenance will cost. 

Heating and Cooling Near Me

If you live in a smaller home, then a ducted mini-split system may be the best option for your healing and cooling needs. It’s energy-efficient and can be installed in various places in your home. The downside is that it may not heat your home as well as you want and has a higher initial cost. 

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