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Why You Need an Air Quality Test in Your Home

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Are you worried about the quality of the air in your house? You should be. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) claims that indoor air pollution can be five times worse than outdoors. Indoor air pollution can be caused by a variety of factors, including inadequate ventilation, cleaning product chemicals, and mold.

The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality can cause respiratory conditions, including asthma and allergies. Moreover, it may result in lethargy and headaches. Furthermore, chronic exposure to indoor air pollution can raise your risk of developing cancer. A test of your home’s air quality can help you in improving the air you breathe. Read on to see why an air quality test for your house is necessary.

  • Determines Health Hazards and PollutantsFirst and foremost, you’ll need to get an indoor air test done to identify any dangerous air particles that are present in your home. Some common airborne pollutants would include mold, mildew, dust, and pet dander. These can irritate the skin and cause breathing problems. A home air quality test measures and pinpoints the concentrations of pollutants that may cause health hazards, and in turn, helps you address and prevent any related issues.
  • It Lessens Energy Costs and Improves Ventilation
    Even though letting outdoor air inside your home can make your HVAC system increase energy consumption and raise utility expenses, it can help reduce indoor pollution. To boost an HVAC unit’s efficiency and reduce electricity costs, ventilation must be carefully managed.

    With a home air quality test, you can detect HVAC problems and clogged air vents. Aside from better indoor air quality, solving those issues can help your AC’s performance and increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. You can also take steps to improve ventilation, such as opening windows and using exhaust fans. The use of natural cleaning products and avoidance of smoking indoors can also help.

In conclusion, having an air quality test at home helps maintain good respiratory health and save money. By identifying any potential issues and taking steps to improve ventilation and reduce air pollutants, you can ensure that your indoor air is safe and healthy for you and your family. Reach out to Envirovac in Jacksonville and Gainesville, FL for more information.