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Dryer Vent Inspection: What To Look For

dryer vent inspection

When a dryer vent is constantly used, the excess lint builds up in the system over time. When this happens, it becomes a potential fire hazard. To assure strong joint connections, spot any excess lint accumulation, and reduce potential fire threats, a dryer vent inspection is needed.

Dryer vent inspections are crucial to prevent any effectiveness or safety risks. This is commonly due to inappropriate vent materials, inadequate dryer vent installation, or the absence of cleaning. Read on to learn what to check for when conducting a dryer vent inspection.

  • Check all the parts of the dryer vent.
    Pay close attention to the dryer’s termination port, the roof cap, and the wall. Look out for obstructions like accumulated garbage, leaves, and bird nests that could potentially choke the opening. When you’re finished, check the air’s velocity to be sure that the vent is operating properly. You may have a blockage that needs to be cleared out by a specialist if you can’t feel any air pass through.
  • Inspect for modifications to the dryer vent system.
    If your vent system has been extended, look for the usual indicators of wear and tear. Experts advise that dryer vent ducts be straight and brief, or as close to those specifications as realistically feasible. It may take longer to dry your clothes if you’ve extended your dryer vent system. It may also affect how effectively it functions and how frequently it becomes clogged.
  • Ensure that metal tape is used to hold joints in place.
    The joints of the dryer vent should be held in place with metal tape. Although duct tape is a useful household repair item, dryer vent duct joints should not be sealed with it. Use metal tape, to make sure that everything is held securely in place.You should get in touch with a specialist to help you take apart any additional hardware, such as screws, that keeps the joints together. This is so they are put back together properly, this time using metal tape.

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