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What Causes Moisture in Air Ducts

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Air conditioner duct condensation, often known as ductwork sweating, is a typical issue faced by HVAC owners. Long-term condensation can cause a number of problems to the HVAC unit. These include water dripping into vent openings, ac ducts, and water damage to ductwork. Read on to learn what causes moisture in your ducts, its effects, and how to prevent it from happening.

What Causes Ductwork to Sweat

Ductwork sweating mainly occurs when vapor inside the ducts condenses into moisture. This happens when warm, humid air passes through the duct’s cool surfaces, creating the perfect conditions for condensation to form, most commonly encountered during summer. Other causes typically include improperly sealed AC ducts, poor insulation or the lack thereof, and clogged air ducts.

Effects of Condensation in Your Ducts

HVAC duct moisture can cause the drywall to rot and create leaks in the ceiling. Occasional condensation is not an issue under normal circumstances. But, when your ductwork sweats frequently, it can cause severe water damage to the surrounding area. Moreover, excess moisture can foster the growth of mold or mildew in and around the duct. This leads to rashes, breathing problems, coughing, sneezing, and weariness.

How to Keep Ductwork From Sweating

The common ways of preventing sweating ducts are reducing your home’s humidity levels, adding or reinforcing insulation to metal ductwork, and conducting regular duct maintenance. If they are installed underneath the house, cover the soil in the crawlspace to reduce moisture. On the other hand, insulate and seal off any cracks or holes in the area if your ducts are located in the attic.

You can also use products that absorb and eliminate moisture and reduce humidity levels. A dehumidifier, for example, can remove extra moisture in the air. To add, using a humidifier can help keep the air dry and arid. Lastly, airflow-restricted ducts should be cleaned, unclogged, and routinely vacuumed.

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